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The St. Paul’s School Board of Trustees will exercise the highest standard of care in ensuring that the school operates in the best interest of its students, and with a view towards the long-term sustainability of St. Paul’s mission and goals.

When you’re blessed, you have a responsibility to give back. Everyone in this community has their own special talents they can contribute.

Francis X. Smyth Board of Trustees Vice President

Francis X. Smyth Board of Trustees Vice President

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Francis X. Smyth Profile

“During my tenure on the Property Committee, the campus has changed dramatically. Fisher Hall was completed, the Kinsolving addition and squash courts were built, Hamilton Lawn was renovated, there have been many upgrades in the Lower and Upper Schools and in the Ward Center during the summers. There’s been an evolution of what we will deliver to future generations.

When you’re blessed, you have a responsibility to give back. My family does that by supporting the entities that are a part of our lives. You can give support financially, but it’s even more rewarding to be involved. Everyone in this community has their own special talents they can contribute. In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to move from industry to industry and manage three different kinds of business, so I assist St. Paul’s through those perspectives.

Two of my sons are graduates and one is in the third grade. I’ve been a part of the School for 16 years, and can offer institutional knowledge and history that is important not to forget. It’s exciting to help set a course that respects the traditions of St. Paul’s past while ensuring its long-term success in the future.”

Francis X. Smyth is the Chief Executive Officer of Century Engineering, Inc, and Vice President of the St. Paul’s Board of Trustees. He has served on the Board for nearly a decade, Chairing the Property Committee, and playing a leading role on a number of committees vital to the School’s future, including the Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Headmaster Search Committee, and the SPSG Liaison Committee. Century Engineering’s new headquarters was the first privately owned LEED Gold certified building in Maryland, and Mr. Smyth was selected as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. His other volunteer activities include serving as: Chairman of the Board at the B & O Railroad Museum; board member and past president of G. B. Charities; board member for the Unitas Golden Arm Foundation; board member for AAA / Mid-Atlantic; and chairman of the Princeton University Alumni Association Book Award Program.

Governance Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    The Board will review its own structure and actively engage its responsibilities to accomplish St. Paul’s mission and goals.
  2. Initiative 2

    The Board will consult with and advise the headmaster in matters material to the overall experience at St. Paul’s School.
  1. Initiative 3

    The Board and administrators will embrace corporate, educational, and community partners to enhance operational efficiency, the learning environment and opportunities within all School programs and activities.