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St. Paul’s will hire, develop and retain quality faculty who mentor students to achieve success and who create a culture of excellence throughout all divisions and programs.

If I throw the students my energy, they’re going to give me their energy back. Everybody pays attention and speaks up when learning is fun.

Kaoru Kimura Lower School Faculty

Kaoru Kimura Lower School Faculty

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Kaoru Kimura in Class

Kaoru Kimura Profile

“I’m not a typical Japanese, who always stays very calm. I’m kind of a comedian and feel class should be lively. If I throw the students my energy, they’re going to give me their energy back. Everybody pays attention and speaks up when they feel learning is fun.

I believe in incentives. When a student answers a question, they get a stamp on their sheet. After 10 stamps they get a “gohoobi” – that’s a prize in Japanese. I give them St. Paul’s versions of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that I make with teachers’ faces on them using Photoshop. The students love those cards, and try to collect them all.

Upper School students make a storybook in Japanese, then come to the Lower School and read the story. They use vocabulary that my students know. My students get so excited. I’ve been at St. Paul’s for 13 years. I can remember when the Upper School students were sitting here in my classroom, so little. Suddenly they are back here teaching! It motivates me to see the result of what I’m doing.”

Kaoru Kimura, who has taught Japanese in the St. Paul’s Lower School since 2001, has been selected to receive the 2013 Teacher Award in the K-12 category by the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ). Every year AATJ honors just one K-12 teacher and one post-secondary teacher in the entire country. A native of Japan, Kimura Sensei taught English at a public high school in Japan before bringing her native language, a rich culture, and a mind geared towards diversity to St. Paul’s.

Faculty Excellence Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    Retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty within all divisions of the School to support and extend the excellent academic program.
    • Capital Campaign establishes as a priority support for faculty across the career arc: Recruit, Retain, Reward from early career to end of career.
    • Expand recruitment efforts among HBCUs, at Morgan State, and attend NAIS Diversity hiring fair.
  2. Initiative 2

    Invest in professional development that enables teachers to improve their capabilities and clearly identify a path to continue their careers at St. Paul’s.
    • Preliminary capital campaign discussions focusing on fully funding a faculty professional growth program.
    • Academic Council finalized and approved a school wide Faculty Profile.
    • Capital campaign establishes as priority fully funding a faculty professional growth program.
    • Submission of grant proposal to E.E. Ford Foundation to fund instructional coaching program for Upper School teachers.
    • Creation of Academic Council task teams focusing on: Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development.
  1. Initiative 3

    Recruit faculty using traditional as well innovative techniques that ensure our access to superior candidates.