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St. Paul’s will hire, develop and retain quality faculty who mentor students to achieve success and who create a culture of excellence throughout all divisions and programs.

St. Paul’s gives its teachers the freedom to really get to know our students, and understand how they can contribute to learning dynamic of the class.

Apryl Doyle Upper School Faculty

Apryl Doyle Upper School Faculty

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Apryl Doyle Profile

Apryl Doyle joined the St. Paul’s Upper School in 2011. In addition to teaching second-year Higher Level English students in the Upper School’s International Baccalaureate Program, she is Co-Director of the Writing Center and works with the Peer Educators. Prior to St. Paul’s, she taught at Calvary Christian Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Apryl has a degree in Theology from Maryland Bible College and Seminary and a degree in English from Immaculata University. Outside of teaching, she enjoys traveling, indoor cycling, reading, and the outdoors.

“St. Paul’s offers a balance between rigor and relationship. Of course there are concepts that we want out students to master, but because we’re not teaching to a test and cramming facts, there are moments in class when teachers and students are afforded choices. The International Baccalaureate calls upon students to show what they know, and St. Paul’s teachers have the have the flexibility for students to be creative and draw upon their passions in making those demonstrations. They can incorporate things like film or contemporary music into the literature we’re studying, and make connections to the text based on the knowledge that they bring.
What the students bring to each class is very important. Each of our boys learns differently, and we all benefit from their unique perspectives. St. Paul’s gives its teachers the freedom to really get to know our students, and understand how they can contribute to learning dynamic of the class. When the students see that their teachers actually KNOW them, that we care and want them to succeed, I think it inspires them to want to succeed too.”

Faculty Excellence Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    Retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty within all divisions of the School to support and extend the excellent academic program.
    • Capital Campaign establishes as a priority support for faculty across the career arc: Recruit, Retain, Reward from early career to end of career.
    • Expand recruitment efforts among HBCUs, at Morgan State, and attend NAIS Diversity hiring fair.
  2. Initiative 2

    Invest in professional development that enables teachers to improve their capabilities and clearly identify a path to continue their careers at St. Paul’s.
    • Preliminary capital campaign discussions focusing on fully funding a faculty professional growth program.
    • Academic Council finalized and approved a school wide Faculty Profile.
    • Capital campaign establishes as priority fully funding a faculty professional growth program.
    • Submission of grant proposal to E.E. Ford Foundation to fund instructional coaching program for Upper School teachers.
    • Creation of Academic Council task teams focusing on: Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development.
  1. Initiative 3

    Recruit faculty using traditional as well innovative techniques that ensure our access to superior candidates.