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A sustained commitment to diversity will make St. Paul’s a more vibrant, robust institution. We will promote diversity to prepare students for a global society; to fight bias and prejudice; and to foster an inclusive community whose members respect themselves and one another.

All the puzzle pieces fit at this school. We come together to make each other better.

Jack Mutchnik ’14

Jack Mutchnik ’14

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“All the puzzle pieces fit at this school. We come together to make each other better. Theater kids, football players – we sit together and talk at lunch, we open up and share things in Chapel. That’s what I love about this school. I’m a Jewish kid at an Episcopal school, and they welcomed me with open arms.

In Chapel, Chap (Chaplain Sanford Groff) talks about Jewish holidays. It allows our community to be aware of how other faiths worship. It strengthens our community. You’re able to find things in common that you never thought existed.

When I first got to St. Paul’s, I took a while to open up and the teachers really encouraged me to get involved. There are all these opportunities and I started to take advantage of them. It wasn’t about finding my niche, I just had to realize my niche was always there. I love it here.”

Jack Mutchnik ’14 is the President of the Upper School. Captain of the cross country and wrestling teams and a peer educator, Jack is the first two-time National Prep Wrestling champion in St. Paul’s history. He will attend American University next year on a wrestling scholarship.

Diversity Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    Broadly define diversity to include gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, internationalism, and cultural orientation, physical disability and sexual orientation.
    • Definition of diversity accepted by Board and School administration.
  2. Initiative 2

    Establish and achieve specific goals for diverse representation within the board, administration, faculty, staff and student population.
    • Board Diversity Subcommittee formed.
  1. Initiative 3

    Develop programs to support diversity goals, including growing under-represented groups on campus.
    • K-12 Diversity Committee established, with 4 meetings held
    • Inclusivity survey of all parents and Upper School students completed
    • New inclusivity statement drafted and approved
    • Establishment of alumni mentoring group to support currently enrolled African-American students