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St. Paul’s and SPSG will promote greater cooperation and coordination that supports the missions of both schools with respect to education, student life and overall operations.

Coeducation greatly increases the diverse set of influences and feedback available to visual artists.

John Hendricks Joint Dean of the Arts

John Hendricks Joint Dean of the Arts

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John Hendricks Profile

John Hendricks joined St. Paul's and St. Paul's School for Girls as Joint Dean of the Arts in 2014. He is working with the schools' arts faculty to create a cohesive vision for educational, theatrical, musical and visual arts programs, and will integrate that vision into all aspects of school life, while ensuring that the academic program remains the core around which all arts programming is developed. He had previously served as Music Department Chair and Director of Choral Music at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, CA, since 2000. He was actively involved in legislative matters in the visual and performing arts as President of the Southern California Vocal Association (SCVA) from 2012-2014, an organization that represents over 300 member schools in collaborative arts advocacy throughout California and in the State Assembly in Sacramento.

“Both St. Paul’s and SPSG are so focused on preparing students for college and beyond, and providing co-educational opportunities through the arts is one way of providing that real world experience. The coordination enables us to provide so many more opportunities than would be available in smaller, single-gender programs.
In the performing arts, there’s so much more repertoire written for mixed gender groups, both on stage and in choral music. Coeducation greatly increases the diverse set of influences and feedback available to visual artists. And the shared facilities and potential course offerings are far more expansive than would be sustainable by either school alone. In the arts programs, students and families are really getting two schools for the price of one.”

Coordination Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    Employ all levels of leadership to seek and embrace opportunities to work cooperatively to promote educational excellence.
    • Online Learning Management System enables students in coordinated classes to seamlessly access all course materials.
    • A Grade 4 to Grade 5 transition group has been formed to better understand how SP can work together more effectively with SPSG to prepare girls for Middle School.
    • Ongoing joint retreats of combined SP/SPSG administrative teams have led to greater cooperation and collaboration.
    • Administrators hold regularly scheduled meetings with their SPSG counterparts.
    • Joint SP/SPSG professional development day held in October 2016.
  2. Initiative 2

    Work cooperatively to identify ways to expand and integrate student life experiences.
    • Joint Dean of the Arts hired to ensure arts program is fully coordinated and provides best possible curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students at both schools.
    • SPSG students taking classes in all IB disciplines at St. Paul’s.
    • Joint College Counseling nights held in the Arts and for Case Study Night.
  3. Initiative 3

    Continue to work cooperatively to enhance the operational efficiency of both schools.
    • Approved revised schedule to fully align SP and SPSG on daily basis.
    • Initiated joint campus security project.
    • Initiated shared campus-wide signage project.
    • Shared technology initiatives including Magnus online health records and Senior Systems cloud based access.
  1. Initiative 4

    Initiate co-marketing efforts to increase enrollment and retention, as well as coordinate and strengthen internal and external communications.
    • Held joint admissions events for applicants from key feeder schools.
    • Designed and launched coordinated websites.
    • Wrote, designed, and produced coordinated Admissions materials that tell a cohesive K-12 story for male and female applicants alike.
    • Coordinate on content and timing of all internal communications, and collaborate on external media relations, as with the One Love event.