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By completing a purposefully designed and rigorous course of study, St. Paul’s students will fully realize their unique and personal potential. They will emerge as balanced, lifelong learners and contributors, equipped to thrive in a complex and changing world.

There have been so many opportunities to fit computer science or my other interests into the classes I take.

​Ethan Pronovost ’15

​Ethan Pronovost ’15

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​Ethan Pronovost Profile

Ethan Pronovst ’15 wrote his International Baccalaureate extended essay on the analysis of linear regression algorithms. A student at St. Paul’s since sixth grade, Ethan is on the varsity cross country and crew teams, sings in the choir, and founded and runs a peer tutoring program between the upper and middle school. He has spent a summer conducting computer science research with a mentor at Johns Hopkins, and now works as an intern for a high-tech start-up company. He was one of eight members of his class inducted to the Cum Laude Society as a junior in recognition of academic excellence.

“At St. Paul’s I’ve been able to do more than just science. The IB has been like a liberal arts education in high school. We don’t have a computer science class, but there have been so many opportunities to fit computer science or my other interests into the classes I take.”
"Mr. Scott was my freshman math teacher, and introduced me to programming as a way to challenge me. I had no idea where to start, but he showed me some tutorials and I took off from there, and wrote a program to help solve all the problems we were doing in Algebra 2 Honors. In Psychology, I was able to lead seminar discussions and share studies I had found with the class. Just like in tutoring, it fascinated me to figure out how my friends’ minds worked and to understand their thought processes.”

Academic Excellence Initiatives

  1. Initiative 1

    Ensure that the K-12 curriculum is effective, unified, connected, and sequential.
    • Assistant Head for Academics and Innovation position created.
    • Academic Council established, bringing together faculty and administrators from all three divisions. Have completed the St. Paul’s Student Profile and have drafted learning narratives for all three divisions.
    • New Mastery Behaviors and Habits Rubric, new requirements for Headmaster’s List have raised the academic bar in the Middle School
    • Grade 4 to 5 and Grade 8 to 9 Transition Group established.
    • K-12 Curriculum Review cycle established for all disciplines across the three divisions.
    • Creation of Academic Council task teams focusing on Technology Integration and Curriculum Review.
  2. Initiative 2

    Provide students with practical and authentic learning opportunities through local and global partnerships with schools and universities, corporations, and municipalities.
    • Student internships established at 21st Century Engineering Group and Strajillion.
  1. Initiative 3

    Offer innovative programs that foster collaborative global learning, entrepreneurial and creative thinking, and opportunities for problem-based learning.
    • Establishment of Sprouts community garden in Lower School courtyard provides hands-on learning for students in all divisions.
    • New partnership established with Rikkyo school in Japan.
    • Upper School students to take summer trip to American Southwest, studying region’s history, environment and geology.
    • Full-time Global Exchange Coordinator hired.