SPSG alternate1

St. Paul’s and SPSG have approved a four-part strategic plan to strengthen coordination and cooperation, and to broaden the overall student experience. The concurrent arrivals of Penny Evins and Dave Faus as heads of our schools provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to take a fresh view of the potential of our coordinated-schools dynamic.

The two schools’ governing boards view the confluence of these events as a mandate to take a more strategic approach to coordination. A critical first step in this process will be a review of both Schools’ current upper school curricula by an independent panel. We are pleased to announce that Dr. William G. Durden, former president of Dickinson College—and, as a former faculty member, no stranger to our community—accepted the committee’s invitation to lead the initiative. Dr. Durden has assembled a select group of national and international thought leaders in the areas of curriculum development, college placement, and independent school policy. They have agreed to serve on a visiting panel that, ultimately, would submit to the two boards its recommendations for better coordinating upper school curricula.

Coordination Governance